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Virtual Humans

Empowering professionals 
to create and practice 
with realistic scenarios at scale.

Improving Human Potential using GenerativeAI 

Say "Hello" to our AI Virtual Humans

Learn how we can help you create your ideal AI Virtual Human Interaction!

We deliver and push the boundaries of digital interaction and education.


Available on Desktop, Mobile, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Headsets

Dynamic Conversations

Our Virtual Humans can handle anything from small talk to the deepest medical diagnostic questions.

Customisable Virtual Human

We have created Virtual Humans of a complex patient with a full medical history! Tell us what you want and we are up for the challenge.

Validated for Education 

Virtual Humans have improved education experiences across many domains. Reducing Manpower, Cost and Time.

Behaviour and Reaction

AI Virtual Human responds intelligently to the flow of the conversation. Validate their emotions, share bad news, and feel validated.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


time savings in creating scenarios*

> 1000

more AI Virtual Human Scenarios


reduction in training time


increased task efficiency, knowledge acquisition & retention

Validated for

Training & Education

Our AI Virtual Humans have been used to train Doctors, Teachers, Social Workers, Financial Advisors and many more!

Clients & Partners


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