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About us

MediVR is a Singapore deep-tech start-up that is a leader in creating virtual patients for medical simulation. Our Virtual Patients are powered by Artificial Intelligence and used in both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality Medical Scenarios.

We are Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners and are working with top medical institutions and hospitals to bring Singapore to the forefront of medical MR/VR research and position ourselves as a pioneer in the use of this technology.

Why we're here

Physicians and nurses learn by training on the job with real patients, commonly known as “see one, do one, teach one”.

This risk is no longer acceptable as patient safety, ethics and outcome has become the focus.

Medical Simulation - training doctors using manikins and actors - has allowed healthcare professionals to practice safely.

While simulation is highly effective, it is expensive, limited in capability and labour intensive. This means healthcare workers do not receive the quality and quantity of training needed to hone their skills.

What we do

Our training in Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality features limitless virtual patients that doctors and healthcare workers can quickly build with us.


With these top experts in their fields, all medical professionals are guaranteed the ability to train with gold standard medical practices that are tested and proven.


​Medical professionals are given the opportunity to train to be confident and competent:

  • Develop critical skills (patient management, clinical skills, communication)

  • Expose themselves to rare cases

  • Unlimited training with replayability in a safe environment


Medical professionals save time and resources by creating training scenarios with MediCreator:

  • 95% time savings in creating scenarios

  • 10x more scenarios created with 1 patient template

  • Hassle free deployment of training scenarios in any classroom setting

Abstract Background

Our Mission

Leading the way for new medical simulation training, 
by empowering medical professionals to create and practice with realistic patient scenarios at scale.

Our Co-Founders

Anthea Foong
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Aiden Koh
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Ng Han Wei
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Jeremy Ong
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